• ICT Project Management
    ICT Project Management
    Muzotech helps your business develop a clear and concise action plan of all your IT & ICT projects.. Read More>>
  • LAN/WAN Design & Consultation
    LAN/WAN Design & Consultation
    Muzotech has all the necessary expertise in-house to plan, design and roll-out a robust.. Read More>>
  • Network Security Management
    Network Security Management
    We understand that your business might not have the IT resources and the know how.. Read More>>
  • Network Storage Solutions
    Network Storage Solutions
    Muzotech offers a wide range of Network Attached Storage solutions to meet even the most demanding.. Read More>>
  • Network Monitoring & Management
    Network Monitoring & Management
    Ensuring optimal network reliability and performance is critical.. Read More>>
  • Enterprise System Administration
    Enterprise System Administration
    MuzoTech provides customised system adminisration support and solutions to fit your business.. Read More>>

Benefits for your business;

  • Single point of contact to our Services Operations Centre (SOC) for all your business IT support and ICT support requirements.
  • Leverage off MuzoTech strong relationships with major ISP's, partners and supply vendors to realise significant infrastructure cost savings.
  • Flexible and cost-effective pricing plans for all your IT support and ICT support tailored to suit your business, no hidden and unexpected costs.
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring & management of your business IT support and ICT infrastructure.
  • Proactive and automated backup of important and mission critical applications to minimise downtime to your business operations.
  • Reduce staff costs by relying on MuzoTech expertise to handle the administration of your IT support and ICT infrastructure.
  • Save up to 40% on overall IT support costs by virtualisation of your  hardware infrastructure.
  • Option to sign up for shorter support contract terms than that of our competitors.
  • We provide outsourced IT support of your IT inventory, including the management of your business ICT infrastructure assets.
  • We provide outsourced IT support of your hardware inventory, including the management of your business ICT infrastructure assets.
  • Replace your proprietary business server with an enterprise grade Linux Small Business Server and save on software licensing
  • Replace your proprietary Desktop with enterprise-class Ubuntu, Mint, or Centos open source Desktop Systems and never worry about computer viruses or system instability again. Save costs too with professional support that is second to none.
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